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Basilia - 204 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
1 in stock
Ladies Latin Style open toe dance shoe. The dance shoe is open between the heel vamp area and the shoe front sandal area. Two single silver straps meet at the shoe front and criss cross over the toes. The two straps are connected with a beige mesh which has the effect of providing additional support to the sides of the foot. The heel colour matches the silver colour of the straps A single gold strap is doubled around the ankle, passing through a loop at the back of the heel and is finished in a quick fasten/quick release buckle fastening. (No need to fiddle about with undoing buckles on a dance night). The kitten heel is finished in the same silver colour as the heel and sandal straps.
Betina - 265 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
1 in stock
Domínica - 172903c Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
Iliana - 165918 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
1 in stock
Kuyen - 169605 Ladies Ballroom Dance Shoe
1 in stock
Leonora - 270702 Ladies Latin Dance Shoes
1 in stock
Ulla - 174005 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
1 in stock
Ursy - 165805 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
2 in stock
Yanet - 238 Ladies Latin Dance Shoe
1 in stock
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